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What are the top-paying certifications among IT professionals?

IT professionals urgently needed – and well paid! This statistic shows the 15 highest-paying provider certifications among IT professionals worldwide as of 2019. The average salary of an IT professional who was certified as a cloud architect on the Google Cloud Platform is currently around 140 thousand U.S. dollars worldwide.
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Top 10 top-paying certifications among IT professionals worldwide as of 2019 (in U.S. dollars)*


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7 Myths of leadership – that you should forget

In the context of digital transformation, how can and how should managers and executives ensure with qualified leadership that teams and individual employees remain healthy, qualified and motivated – despite the stress brought on them by change and dynamic working conditions? For example, first of all be self-critical: After all, if things don’t run smoothly in the company, productivity and innovation rates fall short of expectations and the company falls steadily behind in the market, this can be caused by the coexistence of traditional and modern management models. Some executives like to cling to outdated models of staff management – and at the same time hope to somehow manage to survive the change. Dr. Sven Grote, who also talked about the TÜV Rheinland dialog “Human and health”, addresses the most important management myths.Read More