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On our key topics digitalization, innovative solutions for qualifications around technical competencies as well as sustainable strategies for how people are and remain healthy and safe at work.

Digital Empowerment China TÜV Rheinland Academy

Digital Empowerment for the Vocational Education Sector in China

Closing the gap between available and required practical skills in the workplace is difficult for companies and the public sector. Implementing the experience gained from the dual vocational training system of Germany assures that vocational training and professional life go hand in hand and meets the requirements of the industry in times of a rapid digital change.

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Auditors process TÜV Rheinland Academy

Auditors Special: The Universal Method for System Auditing

Audits are an excellent opportunity to bring meaningful value to the business operation. They can be used to identify the causes of poor performance, assess process capability, verify the suitability of the process and its interactions, evaluate the effectiveness of its implementation, identify system risks, and prioritize processes for improvement. But how to align theory and practice?

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ISO 45001 webinar TÜV Rheinland Academy

ISO 45001: What does it mean for your company?

By implementing ISO 45001, companies can improve their occupational health and safety processes, reduce work accidents, sick leave, and absenteeism. Companies can also achieve cost savings through the introduction of the standard. Experience shows that certification promotes compliance with the requirements and can improve the company’s control over safety and health conditions.

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IRCA Auditors TÜV Rheinland Academy

Inexperienced Lead Auditors – between Requirements and Practice

Many Lead Auditors are unsatisfied with the low quality of the findings in their audits. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is that they do not understand the intent and purpose behind ISO 9001 requirements. The other reason is that Lead Auditors cannot use audit trials comprehensively. The good news is: Both can be solved.

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Many books question the half-life of knowledge

Is there a half-life of knowledge?

Is the knowledge that has already been acquired called into question? No, says sociologist Prof. Dr. Robert Helmrich, who got to the bottom of this question using theoretical assumptions and empirical findings. In his view, knowledge by no means loses its significance, but instead evolves and changes. Even knowledge that no one asks for anymore ultimately remains knowledge.

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TÜV Rheinland Academy presents its corporate learning strategy

Corporate Learning Strategy: How it becomes a success

Innovative learning formats in corporate education and training are often still sought in vain. We explain which five corporate learning strategies you should definitely put on your agenda for the next few years. Many companies still rely primarily on frontal teaching for corporate learning. Read now why this is no longer in keeping with the times.

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